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The STS 'Speed Trip Suit' sets a whole new level in aerodynamic TT / Race suits. With the development of the suit we gave ourselves a high bar to achieve in that it had to be the most aerodynamic customisable suit available, incorporate features only usually found on very expensive suits, could be used for TT and road racing and had to be  affordable!! Not an easy job but we did it!!


Aerodynamics -The suit utilises the latest aerodynamic features and materials 

including -

  •  Arm / shoulder Trip line-This is designed to trip the air as it passes the arms and shoulders. The trip creates a negative pressure on the back side which in simple terms it increases the speed of the air passing over it. less drag is achieved and therefore you require less power to push through as you ride.
  •  Rear Pocket- The suit is designed with a unique rear pocket / pocket flap. This allows the rider to use the suit for short TT's, endurance TT's and Road racing. The hidden pockets mean you can have your single TT number under the flap aiding aerodynamics whilst still allowing access to the pockets. In a road race Your double number pins as usual to the suit and your bars / gels go into the pockets but still remaining aero with the flap covering the entry. Perfect ergonomic position allows for easy access during a race.
  •  Rear Zip- The rear zip is proven to aid aerodynamics compared to a front zip with a cleaner air passage between the arms and chest area.



The suit uses aerodynamic materials at strategic points to again aid 'slippery' air and reduce drag created by the rider. The materials are also designed to aid muscle compression to help support muscles and reduce muscle fatigue. Injected silicone grippers on the legs and sleeves keep the material ends flush with the skin and kept in position.

Designed specifically for the time trialist, Road Racer or track rider looking for the ultimate aerodynamic race suit.



If you have done your homework on any aero speed suit you will know that they range from £180 - £400, which is an expensive piece of kit for anyone. We've priced this amazing piece of kit to be affordable by any competitive cyclist at £150 fully customised!!


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