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Pro-lite Bracciano A42 Clincher Wheel Set

We are the only company to stock the A42 clincher at the moment.

New to the Bracciano lineup is a solid racing wheel for the unique needs of racers who prefer a full alloy aero wheelset. Small flange hubs for light weight, rolling on Japanese EZO bearings for low rolling resistance.

The 42mm profile alloy rim (flash-welded) of the Bracciano A42 offers outstanding aerodynamics with the benefits of a simple alloy rim. Light, strong and versatile in the fact that come rain or shine, stopping isn't an issue.

Easy to service with two allen keys. Using Pro Lite's patented spoke braces which effectively increase the size of the flange for better power transfer, meaning when you pedal the force created isn’t lost in the wheel and propels you forwards. The spokes are at a special 90° bend and butted, meaning they are stronger than a standard spoke. They also use washers made with a special material against the hub flange so the spokes fit flush and this reduces lost power.

The wheels are 100% hand built and go through Pro Lite's highly trained wheel builders, with no less than six cycles of truing and load stressing.

Bracciano Hubs The Bracciano Hubs are renowned for super low rolling resistance and impressive power transfer. Spinning on Japanese EZO angular contact bearings, you end up with the most amazing low rolling resistance wheels you can get your hands on.

Wheelset features

Standard black/white decals

Pro Lite Bracciano hubs

100% hand built

Aero bladed spokes

Swappable Shimano or Campagnolo hub

42mm rim depth

Wheel rim specifications

Rim (size): 700C

Rim Type: Flash welded alloy 6066, clincher

Spoke count: 20 (front), 24 (rear)

Spokes: Sandvik stainless steel

Lacing: Radial (front), 2 cross (rear)

Front hub specification

Bearings: 2 (Japanese EZO)

Axle Width (O.L.D.): 100mm

Axle Material: Bracciano, alloy

Skewer Type: QR

Weight (no skewer): 817g

Rear hub specification

Bearings: 4 (Japanese EZO)

Freehub Type: Shimano or Campagnolo

Freehub Switchable: Yes

Freehub Material: Alloy

Axle Width (O.L.D.): 130mm

Axle Material: Bracciano, alloy

Skewer Type: QR

Weight (no skewer): 984g

Product Data

Weight (g): 1801

Wheel Size: 700c (622)

Rim Depth: Mid

Road: Yes

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