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Pro-lite Roma 5 Spoke Carbon Tubular Front Wheel Deal

The Rome 5-Spoke carbon wheel is the ultimate in monocoque carbon wheel. Using the very latest 3D software and manufacturing techniques, we have ensured that the aerodynamics of this wheel cut through the air with minimum drag and maximum performance.

Cutting edge high pressure forming techniques were developed specifically for this wheel (and subsequently adopted for the rest of our in-house carbon manufacturing line), yielding extremely hard, extremely rigid carbon fibre which maximizes power output without compromising weight.

Virtually maintenance free and featuring exceptionally low rolling resistance, using the same EZO bearings we use in the Bolzano hub, the wheel has a very low rolling resistance compared to standard sealed bearing wheels with 2 bearings in the track and 4 in the road wheels will ensure a lifetime of outstanding performances.

The key to the effectiveness of the Rome lies in the Leading Edge Deflection Technology (LEDT). With LEDT, the entire shape of each span is considered, not just the basic aerofoil shape, but also the curvature of the planform at the top of the wheel, where airspeed is highest.

Here's the technical low-down on the Rome's aerodynamics. Pro-Lite’s flagship 5-spoke wheel uses a rounded leading edge design appropriate for typical bicycle racing speeds, with a gentle, flat taper towards the trailing edge. The spokes have a subtle parabolic curve and forward sweep along the planform to improve aerodynamics on rotation where airspeed is greater as it moves away from the center. This provides no benefit if the bike is sitting on a stand in a wind tunnel when the wheels are not rotating, but that’s not how most people ride their bikes. The rim has also been designed with a similar shape, using the tire as the leading edge against forward movement.


Spokes: 5Shape:

LEDT AeroRim Type: Carbon

TubularBearings : 4 (Japanese EZO) Road / 2 (Japanese EZO)Track

Freehub Type: Shimano or Campy / Track

Freehub Material: AlloyAxle

Width (O.L.D.): 130mm Road / 120mm

Axle Material: Alloy Road / Alloy Solid Axle - Nut Track

Weight (no skewer): 930g (Shimano), 960g (Campagnolo), 980g (Track)Brake pads included with road wheels but not with track wheel

Product Data

Road: Yes

Weight (g): 960

Wheel Size: 700c (622)

Rim Depth: Deep

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